Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Vic

Become the Master of your Own Destiny
  • Post Date: 12/09/2021 11:02:07 AM
  • Start Date: 14/09/2021 12:00:00 AM

Job Detail

  • Salary $100000.00 Per Year
  • Position/s Available 10
  • Type Part & Full-Time
  • Duration 6 Months +
  • Work Day Mon - Sun
  • Shifts Day & Night Shifts

Job Description

I am in search for BIG THINKERS who like to challenge themselves with an income opportunity that can see associates starting their own business that they can operate remotely at their own convenience.


I have partnered with a company in the Personal Development space, that provide a foundation and framework for  eager minds to become associates and to build their own business around the framework provided and give it their own personal touch. 

You will become part of a network of business owners that work independent from, but in support of each other. It is not a multi-level marketing business and there is no need for cold-calling, or to convince friends and familiy to get involved.


The Digital Market is almost limitless, with access to billions of people.

The advantages are: 

  • You have the potential to become financially independent through huge, upfront paid profits
  • You will have time freedom to suit your own circuimstances
  • You can operate it alongside another job
  • You will learn to become the "Victor", not the "Victim"
  • You will become the "Product of the Product" and learn how to become a leader and manage your business successfully, though training materials, videos, tutorials and Professioanl coaching available 24/7.
  • You will learn how to overcome the fear of failure
  • You will not be limited, or affected by the constant lock-downs we had to get used to
  • The sales are based on Digital Producs and Online Events, which mean, NO Warehousing and No Manual handling
  • No previous experience and qualifications required, as we focus on enthusiastic learners who would like to take an opportunity that can give them wings. It is not for everyone, but anyone with a willingness to learn, can become successful.

Digital Marketing is the future and those who realise it and get in early, are the big winners of tomorrow!

To apply, please visit the website below to read more and make an appointment, or apply through the ad.


  • Accmodation: Not Included
  • Meals: Not Included
  • Sponsorship: Not Available
  • 2nd Year Visa: Not Eligible