HR Recruiter Senior Traineeship , ACT

  • Post Date: 25/07/2022 10:36:02 PM
  • Start Date: 15/08/2022 12:00:00 AM

Job Detail

  • Salary Not Advised
  • Position/s Available 25
  • Type Part-Time
  • Duration 6 Months +
  • Work Day Weekdays
  • Shifts Day Shifts

Job Description

We are Biz4d, a German consulting firm based in Frankfurt, is a fast-paced workplace where we work on mentorship programs for corporate leadership and talent development. Our corporate clients include companies such as municipalities, the production industry, banks, etc.


You are in a current fulltime-position, but are looking to get international experience and grow? Improve English? Build international connections?


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How you can grow:

References for your CV with international experience. Advance your career.
Perfect your English skills in a professional working environment
If your German already is at a professional level, perfecting that also is welcome
Meet colleagues and potential clients from all across the globe. Gain confidence in working with different cultures.
Enhance your personal growth and professional networks across the globe
Learn efficient working techniques - as a German company, we highly demanding clients.
Enhance your skill set and learning which will improve your self-confidence
Receive a personal letter of recommendation, if collaboration is at the respective quality level.

Requirements for Traineeship:

You are 100% proficient in your job and don't need any learning for your profession but can even lead others
Minimum 2 hours per day consistently.
High value on accuracy, personal professionalism, and striving for excellence. We have clients on a high level.
Excellent self-leadership, work without self-guidance

The role of the recruiter:

Previous experience in Corporate HR, Talent Development, and Training is a valuable asset.
Collaborate with interns and instruct them to identify future hiring needs
Creating and improving material for recruitment and HR-development
Synchronization with newcomers for Talent Development.
Internal team development and training
Support hiring teams in their recruitment process.

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Our mission is to create an environment where people can build mutual trust and share knowledge. We help organizations strive by harnessing the fantastic power of their own people!

  • Accmodation: Not Included
  • Meals: Not Included
  • Sponsorship: Not Available
  • 2nd Year Visa: Not Eligible