Planning a Gap Year in Australia

Finding gap year jobs in Australia is easy with Travellers At Work. There are thousands of opportunities available in a range of industries and locations, allowing you to work and travel for up to 2 years. Here's our guide to planning your gap year in Australia.

Step 1 - See what jobs are available

Click the 'Jobs' tab at the top of this page to view all positions currently available in Australia with Travellers At Work. All positions are for people on a working holiday visa and are available now. Most jobs are for a short-term (i.e 6-months or less) and are low-skills level positions, suitable for people with minimal experience or low English language levels. Popular jobs for backpackers and working holidaymakers include:

  • Call Centre
  • Childcare
  • Farming
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Trades

Step 2 - Get a visa

You will need a visa to enter Australia. The visa you use will depend on the nature of your visit, i.e Working Holiday or just for a holiday, your nationality and your age. If you are aged 18-30 years you may be eligible for a Working Holiday visa which will allow you to work and travel for up to two years in Australia.

Step 3 - Book an arrival package

Often, the easiest and most fun way to arrive in Australia is with an Arrival Package program. Many different arrival packages exist and generally include the essentials such as your Visa, Bank Account, Taxfile Number, Mobile SIM, Airport Transfer and the first few nights accommodation. All of these items can be arranged separately but its generally cheaper and a lot easier when purchased together from one company.

Travellers At Work recommends the UltimateOz Gap Year Arrival Package. UltimateOz includes all the Gap Year Essentials as well as a week of fun activities, a premium TAW membership and 12 month support. Learn more here.

Step 4 - Arrange your flight

There is a wide array of flight and airlines to Australia. Travellers At Work recommends shopping around for a great deal. Contact us to get a flight quote.

Step 5 - Arrange travel insurance

You will need a suitable travel insurance policy for the duration of your trip. Travel insurance will protect you financially in case of loss / theft / delay or injury whilst travelling. You can purchase travel insurance easily online.

Now you're all set - get on that plane and head to Australia!