TAW Mail Service

As a Backpacker or Working Holiday Maker in Australia, you will require a fixed mailing address to receive letters, postcards and parcels. If you are on a Working Holiday and plan to work, you will be required to obtain both a Tax File Number and to set up a Bank Account. If you are yet to find a permanent location to live or if you plan to be constantly travelling to new locations, a Mail Holding Service account is an ideal way to manage your incoming mail. Our mail service account will provide you with a fixed mailing address for a twelve month stay in Australia. Your membership allows us to hold your incoming mail for you to collect or we can scan it to a secure online account.

The taw mail service is available for customers in Australia on a valid Working Holiday or Tourist Visa and is for individual use only. Refer to our terms of use prior to purchase.











How Mail Service Works:

  • Purchase online below. 1 Account per person
  • Use your Mail Service Account Number and the fixed address to friends, relatives, bank, tax office, employers, superannuation company
  • When mail arrives, you will be notified via email. Your letters can be scanned and uploaded to your online account or we can store it for collection
  • If you receive a parcel or ‘unscannable’ item we will email you with a description of the item. Your item will then be stored safely for you to collect. Maximum parcel size is ‘Large’ Packaging as specified by the post provider. Maximum weight is 5kg per parcel. Parcels must be collected within 15 business days
  • Mail forwarding – we can forward your mail to any address across Australia (standard postage fees & Cash on Delivery fees apply). We limited our parcel forwarding service to 5 items per calendar month. AU$25.00 is charged for any additional item forwarded
  • Manage your Mail Service online – download your scanned mail, change your forwarding address and extend your service
  • Mail and Parcels received during standard business hours 10-4pm Monday to Friday

Terms of Use and Conditions

  • The Travellers at Work Mail service is available to backpackers / travellers only, for the purpose of managing personal mail items whilst temporarily in Australia.
  • This service is for individual use only. (1 account per person only). Mail for other persons (i.e friends / partners / spouses) will be automatically returned to sender
  • This service cannot be used to receive internationally redirected mail
  • This service limits forwarding to 5 items per calendar month
  • To verify your account and receive scannable letters via email, Travellers at Work may ask you to verify your account by supplying us with a copy of photo identification or a copy of your passport.
  • This service is not available to Australian residents
  • This service cannot be used for business / commercial purposes
  • Travellers at Work reserves the right to open mail that appears to be fraudulent or dangerous.
  • Travellers at Work reserves the right to cancel any mail service account that appears to be fraudulent in nature and notify the necessary parties.
  • Mail accounts which violate these terms will be cancelled. Refunds will not be offered.
  • Photo identification must be shown when collecting mail and parcels.
  • Bank and credit cards are treated as non scannable items
  • Due to administration and processing costs, the taw Mail Service is a non-refundable product. Change of mind purchases are not permitted.

IMPORTANT: After purchasing this product you will receive an email with your account details. This email will be sent within 2 business days.