Job Training

It is a legal requirement to have the necessary certifications to work in certain industries in Australia. Hospitality and Construction are two key and popular industries for Working Holiday Makers to work in during their time in Australia and both require Training prior to starting work.

Laws do vary depending on which state you wish to work in, but getting certified and finding a course provider is easy.

We have summarised some of the important information below and our various partners can help you obtain your RSA and White Card certificates.

In order to get any job that involves dealing with alcohol, you will need an “RSA” (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate. You can get the RSA-certificate by completing a one-day course. Most Aussie states have their own RSA so make sure you book yourself on the right course. If you’ll be working in an establishment where they also have gambling facilities; you will need your “RCG” (Responsible Gambling Services) certificate. Check out Bar/Hospitality Jobs on the Travellers at Work website.

Job Training Courses

If you want to work as a builder or labourer, you will need to get a OH&S General Induction Certificate ‘White Card’. This is a health and safety requirement in order for you to work in the industry. You can get your White Card by completing a one day course. The Australian construction industry pays quite well so it might be something for you to consider. Check out Trades/Labour Jobs on the Travellers at Work website.

Job Training Courses

There are several non-mandatory training courses on offer that will help you get skilled and prepare you for work in the hospitality sectors! Bar Skills is a one day course that will teach you the basic skills of bar operations and will help you get a job in pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and function centers. Coffee Skills gives you the necessary skills to prepare and serve coffee in restaurants, bars and cafes. In just 4 hours you will become a qualified Barista. Cocktail Skills will give you the skills and confidence required to prepare cocktails in venues such as a pubs, nightclubs, cocktail lounges, restaurants and cafes.

Job Training Courses