• Social media influencers , NSW

    Position Start Date:
    1500 Position/s Available
    Up to 6 Months
    Part & Full-Time
    Day & Night Shifts
    Work Day:
    Mon - Sun
    Not Included
    Not Included
    Not Available
    2nd Year Visa:
    Not Eligible
  • Job Description

    Do you want the opportunity to be your own boss? Choose your own working hours? Do as much or as little work as you feel like?

    Are you:

    Self motivated
    hard working
    willing to invest
    Basically, you will join my team by investing. So you become a consultant for FREE (if you join before 31st October 2019) with a min spend order. It normally cost $65 to become a consultant.


    You get all products 40-50% off.


    You will receive the products, with a free gift that you choose and free shipping. Your job is to take great pictures with the items you choose and use.... on the beach, in the woods, make videos using them and put them on social media with your own URL and the company tags... so it trends. When people buy from you, you will receive 35% commission which gets processed every Friday and Bonuses at the end of the month. You can earn anything from $50 a week to $$$$$$$ thousands a week. It all depends on how you market it.


    Start conversation in hostel bathroom or kitchen or gyms or in the beach about how your products are cruelty free, vegan, gluten free and plant based products.


    We have team members that make $1700 - $4000 a week.


    This is something you can continue once you've stopped travelling and still earn too.


    We have a Facebook groups that I will add you to. Will provide and share media pictures you can use too. We give you a office log in with so much information you can use etc.


    You can join as one person but do it as a group although you’d have to trust each other and one person will have to split the commission and bonuses etc.


    This really is the opportunity to travel and work. Basically enjoy life, earn money and look good.







    Special Requirements

    • ABN Number