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    Whilst all the other events, promos and sales jobs out there have you knocking on people’s doors in the evening, or working in a dark windowless office connected to a head set for 8 hours pushing dubious charities….. How awesome!


    This one is not so fun!


    Here is why:


    We work the largest shows and expos across Australia. Comicon, Supanova, Tattoo Conventions, University Obs weeks, Wedding Expos, Royal Shows to name a few a lot of them are outdoors too so I spend lots on suncream!


    That means we travel and see lots of different parts of the city while working…. Gross! And that means you have the use of company cars for free too.


    On top of travelling and company cars there is the accomodation on offer for our team. You get to live in an a big house close to the city. I’m sorry but I thought people loved staying in a 10 person dorm getting woken up by drunken room mates and squeaky bunks at 2.am?


    And there is always some sort of social event each week like NRL, AFL, food festivals, BBQ’s, Karaoke, All you can eat pizza… I don’t like it because I usually wake up with a hangover from the free beers.


    Then there is the product itself - Paintball… It’s no fun to talk about all day and get to play for free whenever we wan’t.


    Plus, we have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide so sometimes we have to go and work these things called ‘Road Trips’ and have to meet the other teams in those cities. There is always free drinks at those too!


    Oh, and because we are the largest paintball promotions company in the world, we offer international transfers, flights and help with visas to Europe, Canada and NZ.


    And probably the worst thing of all is the people you have to work with. These happy, bouncy, social and excitable people who love to laugh, travel and enjoy life and challenging themselves.


    Anyways I have to go now as I have been put in charge of organising this years company SUMMER PARTY. I have to organise a hotel and flights for all the guys who work for us across Australia and NZ


    So please don’t apply for this job because then I will potentially have to add your name to that list too….


    But if you must, you can send me an application telling me why you are insane enough to want to work here.


    When I call, please excuse me if I sound unhappy on the phone…. I was just punished with a HUGE promotion.


    This job really is the worst!